Bangkok Lunch Starters

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701. Gaeag djuet wunsen tauhu 3,20 €
Glass noodle soup with Tofu, morels and vegetables

702. domm jamm tauhu (spicy) 3,20 €
Spicy soup with mushrooms, Tofu, lemon leaves, lemongrass, lemon juice and Chili

601. gai satee 3,50 €
Grilled chicken spits with Thai peanut coconut cream sauce

602. poh pia tord 3,00 €
Homemade fried spring rolls with glass noodles and vegetable filling and a sweet sour sauce

603. peek gai tord 3,00 €
Fried chicken wings with a sweet-sour sauce

703. salat phak 3,00 €
Mixed salad prepared in vinegar and oil

704. salat bangkok 3,70 €
Salad prepared by house style – with peanut dressing

604. domm jamm gai (spicy) 3,20 €
Chicken with mushrooms, lemon grass and Kaffir leaves (very spicy and sour)

605. domm kha gai spicy) 3,40 €
Chicken in coconut milk soup with mushrooms, galangal and Kaffir leaves (very tasty)

606. gaeag djuet wunsen gai 3,20 €
Glass noodle soup with chicken, morels and vegetables