Arroy Dee

Eating is an important part of the thai culture. It´s not only pure food intake but also "sanuk". Sanuk means fun. This tells a lot about the importance of eating in Thailand. Accordingly high is the wide range of delicious snacks and small dishes that can be enjoyed in between. The Thai kitchen has been influenced by external causes. Thhrough their tolerance and curiosity they tried everything and whatever they liked has been adapted to the Thai kitchen. For example chili came in the 17th century by the portuguese to Thailand. Nowadays they are essential for the Thai kitchen cultur.

Fresh ingredients like vegetable and herbs are an essential part of Thai cooking. The list of herbs and spices is long. Three different kinds of basil, chili - fresh, dried, grounded etc. galgant, krachai (Chinese ginger), coriander, lime, curcuma tamarind and lemongrass, only to mention a few.